Codes of Practice

Codes of Practice

Here are a few Codes of Practice that you may wish to adhere to:

1 Contact Information

Go Power Contact Information
At Go Power we are available to help and assist you, the customer at all times. We have provided below all the information required to contact us. You can contact us via telephone, email or post. We aim to respond to you as efficiently as possible and provide you with all necessary information.

Please contact our Customer Service Team on:

01866 5612
Monday - Friday
9.00am – 5.30pm
Please also feel free to contact us in writing at:

Go Power 
Unit 12 Blanchardstown Corporate Park
Dublin 15
By email:
Or visit our website:
Other Helpful Contact Details you may require:
Electricity Readings (Phone)                   01866 5612
Electricity Readings (Email)          
ESB Emergency Helpline                        1850 372 999  

Citizens Advice Board                            0176 107 9000

2. Marketing and Sign Up

We will ensure your switch to Go Power is conducted in a transparent and fair manner
Code of Practice on Marketing and Sign Up

We want to give all customers full confidence and trust in the responsible marketing of Go Powers energy supply within the commercial and industrial sectors.

Customer Sign Up

We’re committed to ensuring that your switch to Go Power is conducted in a transparent and fair manner. By doing so, we will ensure we don't provide you with any misleading information, ensuring you understand what you must do so that any allowances that you may receive continue.
We will provide you with a quality assurance check at the beginning of the sign up, and provide full post- sign up confirmation of the details of the product that you have signed up to.
Our sales representatives will always be able to confirm their representative status by production of an identity card that shows their full name, Go Power business address and contact number. We will inform you of the nature of our visit, and will leave if requested.
Unless agreed with you in advance, we will never call to your business on Saturdays or Sundays, on Christmas Eve, any public or bank holiday, or outside 09:00 to 17:30 during weekdays.

Go Power Sales Guarantee

We will never knowingly mislead a customer with inaccurate information. When you sign up with a sales representative either at your door or telephone, you will receive an email within 24 hours to confirm the details of your switch and how you can cancel if you wish to. If you don’t use email, you can alternatively request a letter to be sent within four days to confirm the details. All our telesales representatives receive regular training to ensure they always work to the highest possible standards.
If you were knowingly mislead during our sales process and have paid more for your energy as a result of that process we will compensate you.

If you have any questions our Customer Care Team will be waiting to take your call on 01866 5612*. Alternatively you can email them at and they will respond to you within 24 hours, Monday to Friday. 

Marketing Online and Offline- Undertakings

We will:

  • Give you accurate, fair and transparent representations of both our own and our competitors’ products, services and all related charges, including any or all standing charges.
  • Make comparisons on a like for like basis, with the data source and date clearly presented.
  • Provide you with a method to ‘opt out’ of future marketing activities, and add you to our ‘no contact’ database if required.
  • Make you aware of all our offer terms and conditions and the offer duration when advertising special promotions or offers.
  • Display a list of terms and conditions on our website when offering promotional or introductory incentives or discounts.
  • Present all of our tariffs in a clear and transparent manner that conforms to current CER Energy Supply Regulations.
Vulnerable Customers

Code of Practice on Vulnerable Customers

A vulnerable customer is defined in legislation as a customer who is:
  1. Critically dependant on electricity powered equipment, which shall include but is not limited to life protecting devices, assistance technologies to support independent living and medical equipment, or
  2. Particularly vulnerable to disconnection during winter months (1st November to the 31st March) for reasons of advanced aged or physical sensory, intellectual or mental health.
At Go Power we are aware that some of our customers may have special requirements where the continuity of their energy supply is of vital importance. If you depend on any electrical medical equipment then please complete a Critical Care Customer Registration form- this can be requested on sign up, or at any stage by contacting our Customer Service Team on 01866 5612*.
This disconnection process for vulnerable customers may vary to that of non- vulnerable customers.
We offer a range of services for customers who have a visual or hearing impairment. To avail of these services, customers must register their details with us.
Special Services Include:
Braille communications
We can provide Braille communications to people who are Braille readers.
Talking communications
We can provide talking communications to people who are blind or have a visual impairment.
Large print communications
For people with visual impairment
Online communications
For people with hearing impairment
Redirecting communications
For those who request it, we can send communications to a friend or relative.
To nominate a ‘contact person’ for your account please let us know by phone or in writing; the name of the person you would like to nominate and we will add them to your account.
Details of customers who register with special requirements will be forwarded to the network operations; ESB Networks. ESB Networks will include your details in the Industry Register. This enables ESB Networks to identify those customers who are particularly vulnerable to a supply interruption.

If you feel our commitment towards vulnerable customers does not meet your satisfactory requirments, please do not hestate to get in touch via email: or alternatively you can contact us on 01866 5612*. 

3. Payment of Bills

Code of Practice on Payment of Bills
Terms and Conditions of Supply
On signing an Energy Supply Contract with Go Power and becoming a customer, you agree to accept supply of electricity by Go Power and in return to pay for the supply of electricity in accordance with Go Power’s Terms and Conditions (which accompany the Energy Supply Contract available to download within the Documents and Forms section of this website)
In addition, copies of this document can be obtained free of charge upon customer request. Please contact us via telephone, e-mail or post.
Customer Account Billing
Go Power customers will receive bills for their consumption once every month. Your bill will be issued on the 10th of the month following, supply of electricity to your supply point.
Your bill will show the consumption for the period of which the bill covers.
In addition, the bill will show the previous meter reading and current meter reading for your meter. Besides each of these readings, Go Power will state whether the reads are Actual Readings or Estimate Readings.

The bill will state the unit rate agreed (in pence/kWh) between Go Power and the customer. Any changes to the unit rate of the annual regulatory review will be communicated to the customer in advance of billing.
Go Powers standard payment terms are payment by SEPA Direct Debit (Collected by Go Power on 21st of the month following supply). Therefore, the Direct Debit will be collected approximately 11 days after the customer bill is issued.
If you have any queries or questions regarding bill interpretation or incorrect meter readings please contact out Customer Service Team, using the telephone, email and address details below.
Payment Problems / Difficulties
If Go Power has a problem collecting the Direct Debit payment, the dedicated Account Manager to your account will contact you to try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. At Go Power we understand that sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances a customer may have difficulty making a payment.
If you know that your SEPA Direct Debit will not collect in advance of the collection date please inform Go Power’s Accounts Team using the following information:
Accounts Team
01866 5612 
Monday - Friday
9.00am – 5.30pm
Please also feel free to contact us in writing at:

Accounts Team
Go Power Head Office
LCC House,
1 Lissan Road,
Co. Tyrone,
BT80 8EN
By email:
If your business is experiencing financial difficulties we will work as best we can with you, the customer to try and arrange a sensible payment plan to pay any outstanding debt. We encourage that you communicate with us as soon as you are aware of such financial difficulties. We will monitor the progress of the payment plan until the payment issues are resolved.

If you fail to communicate with us with regard to outstanding debt or do not keep up the payment plan terms agreed, Go Power will be forced to issue a disconnection notice to the meters affected under your contract and follow the disconnection procedure from there.


4. Meter Readings

ESB T&D will continue to take readings of your meter at least once a quarter, it would be highly recommended that you take your meter reading every month, so that your bills reflect your consumption, this would allow you to manage your account more effectively. 

By providing meter readings every month, you will be able to budget ahead with future bills as there would be no unexplained fluctuations in the usage of your bill.

5. Complaints Handling

Codes of Practice for Complaints Handling Procedure
At Go Power we pride ourselves on the highest level of service excellence and dedicated account management. However, if you feel in some way that we have not served you as well as you deserve we would like you to make us aware so as we can ensure that the issue is handled correctly and that it will not happen again.
Making a Complaint

To make a complaint please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team on the following:
Customer Service
01866 5612 
Monday - Friday
9.00am – 5.30pm
Customer Service (Greater Belfast Area)
(048) 90 790000
Monday - Friday
9.00am – 5.30pm

By email:

Or in writing to the following address:

Customer Service Department
Go Power 
Unit 12 Blanchardstown Corporate Park
Dublin 15
Complaints Handling Procedure @ GO Power

  1. All customer complaints received will be logged and assigned a reference number. Your details will remain private (We ensure we work within your rights under the Data Protection Act)
  2. All complaints will be passed to the relevant departments so as they can be dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  3. We will aim to respond and hopefully resolve all customer complaints on the day the complaint is logged. However should this not be possible a valid response will be received within 10 working days.
  4. A member of the Go Power Customer Service Team will contact you with this response by telephone or in writing/e-mail depending on the nature of your complaint and/or your preference.
  5. If you are not satisfied with our response, you can escalate your complaint to our Customer Service Manager by phone, e-mail or in writing.
  6. Go Power will resolve all customer complaints within 3 months of the complaint being initially logged.
Still not happy?

If you are not entirely happy with the way your complaint was handled, you can contact the CAI(Consumer Association for Ireland) who will be able to take the complaint further in order to find a resolution to the case in regards to electricity. Their contact details are:
Consumers’ Association of Ireland (Regd. No. 29112)
26 Upper Pembroke Street
Dublin 2.
Telephone:          01 – 637 3961
In addition, in certain types of billing disputes you can refer your complaint to the Utility Regulator for their determination in the event the CAI was unable to fully resolve it. You can contact the Commission for Energy Regulation
The Exchange,
Belgard Square
North, Dublin,
Telephone:         01 400 0800

In addition, copies of this document can be obtained free of charge upon customer request.
Please contact us via telephone, e-mail or post.

6. Efficient Use of Electricity

Codes of Practice on the Efficient Use of Electricity
At Go Power, in addition to helping you save money on you electricity supply through more competitive rates we also encourage you to save money through helping you reduce the electricity used at your Business premises. Please see below some of the tips we think will help to reduce electricity consumption and to help your business become more energy efficient.
Tips for Efficient Use Of Electricity for Business Customers

In order to try and reduce some of your energy usage, here is some useful energy saving tips:

Lighting in your Business

  • Use energy saving light bulbs, these may cost more, but they use far less electricity than normal bulbs, saving you money in the long run.
  • Turn off any lights you don’t need, but make sure you have enough lighting on stairs and hallways.
  • Keep your lampshades and bulbs clean. They give out less light if they are dirty.
  • Use lighter lampshades where possible. Darker lampshades give out less light so you might need to use a higher watt bulb with them.
  • Spotlights can be more expensive to run than other lighting, so avoid leaving them on for a long time. Were possible use sensor-activated lights
  • Fluorescent tubes give out more light and are good for kitchens and workspaces.
  • Consider how much light your business needs and see if you can take out one or two bulbs from a multiple light fitting. A small hallway may only need one 60 watt bulb instead of three. Make sure you turn off the light first and take care not to hurt yourself when removing the bulb.
Heating in your Business
  • Place heat reflectors behind radiators which are attached to outside walls, this reduces the amount of heat lost to the outside, especially in older premises without so much insulation. It is possible to buy special Radiator Foil for this, but tin foil (with the shiny side facing the radiator) will do nearly as well.
  • Seal up any drafts in doors and windows using draft excluders etc. For small drafts use stick on draft excluding tape, available from most DIY stores.
  • Draw the office blinds at night to keep the heat in (especially if you do not have double glazing).
  • Don’t heat rooms within the office space that are not in use.
Kitchen Spaces in your Business
  • Use the kettle to boil water for cooking, instead of heating a pan on the stove. Not only will this be more efficient, but it generally takes less time too!
  • Microwaves aren’t just handy for reheating leftovers. Use a microwave instead of the oven for fresh food too. They’re quick, easy and economical to use and they’re useful in your business for people eating at different times.
  • If you’re heating things in a microwave, try to use a microwave safe lid or cling film with holes in it to speed up cooking time.
  • Turn down the gas on a gas hob as soon as the water boils.
Switch all electrical appliances, where possible off at the plug instead of using the 'standby' function. During standby the appliances are still using electricity.
Most electrical appliances now come with an Energy Label like below, which detail out the consumption of the appliance, it is grouped into different tiers from A-G, with A being the greenest and G being the products which have the most consumption. The older the product the more likely it will consume more than a newer, similar product. Even though the product may be more expensive to buy than a product with a bad energy efficiency rating, the better the Energy rating on the product, the more likely that you will be able to save money on your bill, due to decreased energy consumption of the product.