How Go Power is working to handle Coronavirus

How Go Power is working to handle Coronavirus

During these unprecedented and challenging times, please note that we are still providing our usual level of high Customer Service which includes looking out for our customers and team.

As an energy company, we play a critical role in the continuity of energy supply more importantly now than ever, particularly as we play a key role in the energy supply to the emergency services.

We're following Government advice closely and we will likely need to tweak our approach as the situation evolves..

We're still here to help

Even though our entire team of Admin & Account Managers have fully transitioned to working from home. The technology our business is built on, allows us to be really adaptable, so we're aiming to maintain the same level of service wherever possible. Our phone lines are still open 9am- 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and 9am- 5pm Friday. Our digital customer service is still available via email and online chat by visiting

Our service level still remains very high through these unprecedented times and we will do our best to assist should you wish to contact us directly at any time.

There's lots that you can do with your online account, including submit meter readings, view level of usage and download invoices. If this is not a service that you have access to, please get in touch with us and we will happily assist in setting this up for you.

Paying your bills during Coronavirus  

A few customers have got in touch to say that they have been financially affected by Coronavirus, there is currently no standard government programme for support with energy bills (So they do still need to be paid) we want to be as helpful as possible.

If you're in need of support, please provide us with some details. We aim to get in touch within 48 hours to outline the ways we can help.

Coronavirus and the Go Power Team

Go Power employs a large team throughout NI & ROI. The majority in roles directly looking  after customers, and we've been watching the updates on Covid-19 with as much focus and concern as the rest of the UK and Ireland.

Shock bills

We have reiterated to all of our current customers (Via email, phone call and text) the importance of submitting meter readings to ensure that your bills remain accurate. Actual readings will ensure that you are not overcharged (or undercharged) especially when the premises may be closed. Estimated readings may result in us running your invoice based on previous usage when in actual fact you have used a lot more power than you normally have in recent weeks.
Therefore, were possible- submit us your meter reading!

Finally, we have implemented the following measurements to ensure the safety of our team:
•    All employees that cannot WFH have been issued with hand sanitisers
•    We now operate a one in- one out policy to our kitchen and enclosed facilities
•    We adhere to the 2 meter social distancing rule
•    All employees have been issued with advice on how to identify symptoms of Covid-19 if they become unwell
•    Our offices have increased deep cleaning schedules

More information surrounding employees, employers and businesses can be found here

Finally we would like to remind everyone to stay safe during these difficult times.